Lunacy and Implosion

Great damage has been done to India’s foreign policy and its global position in the aftermath of the CAA. The country is steadily moving towards global isolation and its allies have questioned the country’s constitutional commitment towards minority rights.

By Imran Jan | May 2020

There are two major myths about nuclear power. One, nuclear energy is seen as dangerous and therefore, public opinion everywhere is opposed to its use for generating clean energy. Public opinion, not surprisingly, has a tendency to be driven more by fallacies than by facts. Statistics, however, don’t lie. Far lesser disasters and deaths have been caused by nuclear plants. The real danger to human lives is from coal, smoking and climate change. There are far higher chances of people getting killed in a car accident than in a plane crash but people are far more scared of air travel than road journeys. People on the road going toward the airport are worried about the flight when in reality their chances of getting into an accident are far more on that very road.

The other myth related to nuclear power is that states cease to be vulnerable to destruction when they become nuclear powers. While nuclear powered states may not be targets of a physical invasion by another hostile country, the real danger to such countries comes from within. Nuclear powered states go down not by an external attack but rather by an implosion. India presents a perfect example of this phenomenon. If anyone were to observe Pakistan and India from another planet, they would realize that both countries cannot go to war with each other because of Mutually Assured Destruction. However, there is one man who is destroying India more than Pakistan ever could. His name is Narendra Modi. This writer firmly believes in the wisdom of Napoleon: “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” Therefore, we should be thankful to Modi for validating the Two-Nation theory.

Last year, India did three things that could one day go down in history as the historic events marking the beginning of the end of India. India enacted a law called Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB). On its surface, the law was made to appear to be promising asylum to non-Muslims in neighbouring Muslim majority countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. But there is certainly more to it than what meets the eye. The ulterior motive of the Modi regime goes way beyond that nice sounding ambition.

A few months before the law was enacted, the Modi regime rammed down the throats of the Indian population a newly-fangled practice, again, labeled nicely; National Register of Citizens (NRC). This is a register of all Indian citizens, which basically asks all Indians to prove through documentation that they came to India on or before March 24, 1971. The inability to provide documentation rendered close to 2 million Assamese residents stateless. They are up for deportation from the country.

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