May 2020

Ghabrana Nahi Hai

Zahid Ahmed has been signed for the lead role in the film ‘Ghabrana Nahi Hai.’ His lead girl is Saba Qamar. The two have appeared together many times in the past. Ahmed plays the role of a police officer helping a girl who is stuck in a turmoil. He hopes to impress her with a very elaborate lie and that forms the crux of the story.

His last performance for ‘Ishq Zahenaseeb’ had a lot of appreciation. Talking about the film, Ahmed says it is a complete family entertainer with subtle, yet impactful social messages built cleverly into the script.

It is produced by Jamil Baig, who is known for his contributions to the revival of Pakistani cinema by establishing the largest multiplex chain in the country, Nueplex Cinemas, and by co-producing films under the banner of Excellency Productions. The film is written by Mohsin Ali and directed by Saqib Khan. The cast also includes Syed Jibran, Nayar Ejaz, Sohail Ahmed and Afzal Khan.

Google Doodles Hashim Khan

On April 4, 2020, Google celebrated the legendary Pakistan squash player Hashim Khan who was widely revered as one of the sport’s all-time greatest players. It was on April 4 in 1951, when Hashim Khan won the British Open Squash Championships. This propelled him from relative obscurity to the status of an international icon.

Born in 1914, Khan was raised in Peshawar. His father worked at a British officers’ club with squash courts where Khan apprenticed as a ball boy. Learning the ropes of the sport in his off-hours, Khan played barefoot on the club’s rough brick courts — an early testament to his tenacity. By the time he was 28, Hashim Khan had become a squash pro and, soon after, a national squash champion. After winning three national titles, Pakistan sent him to represent the country at the 1951 British Open.

Khan dominated the event during his first appearance at the British Open and was considered squash world champion. He returned to Pakistan as a national hero. Over the next 46 years, the British Open tournament was won 29 times by either Khan or one of his relatives, including renowned players Jehangir Khan and Jansher Khan. Establishing a career that earned him a spot in the U.S. Squash Hall of Fame, Hashim Khan won seven British Opens, five British Professional Championships, three U.S. Opens, and three Canadian Opens.

Jehangir Khan is Hashim Khan’s nephew and is considered the greatest player in the history of squash. During his career he won the World Open six times and the British Open a record ten times.

Power of Azaan

Atif Aslam giving Azaan in his soulful voice is the most beautiful thing you will come across on social media in the COVID-19 pandemic. Atif Aslam has thanked the COVID-19 heroes who are working day and night time to ensure people’s safety.

Many celebrities acknowledged Atif Aslam for his act. Some even went on to say that those who didn’t listen to the Azaan will now listen carefully and Atif Aslam will get the reward. Many non-Muslims appreciated the voice of Atif Aslam and said that though they were unable to understand what the Azaan meant, they truly felt at peace. Well, that’s the power of Azaan.

Hand Washing Movement

Pakistani celebrities did their share by creating videos on proper handwashing methods, labelling it as the ‘Hand Washing Movement’. Catwalk Cares took the vital initiative to mobilize stars like Imran Abbass, Sarwat Gillani, Fahad Mirza, Nadia Hussain and Faisal Qureshi to share their home handwashing videos using Lifebuoy soap, explaining to fans the recommended 20 seconds message from WHO. This followed them tagging their friends and Reema Khan, HSY, Mashal Khan and Fakhr-e-Alam took on the movement.

According to CEO of Catwalk, Frieha Altaf, “I’m extremely grateful to the celebrities as they did not charge for this public service message.”

The movement has caught on with fans alike globally, using the WHO hashtag #safehands and locally as #haathonkihifazat.

On an average, a human being touches their face 23 times in an hour. Washing hands for 20 seconds can save your life and that of others. UNILEVER donated 200 million to fight the virus in Pakistan, of which 2 million were Lifebuoy soaps.

Uber Delivery

Uber has announced launch of Uber Delivery in Lahore and Islamabad.

There is a dire need for delivery of basic groceries, medicines and necessary items for people observing social distancing. Uber Delivery has made it possible for Uber partner-drivers to take delivery orders of a certain cash value, which, in addition to bringing convenience, is also in return allowing drivers to earn an income during these economically turbulent times.

The company has guided partner-drivers to undertake standard safety and sanitization measures during and after deliveries, following the directives issued by local authorities. The delivery service’s availability will also be subject to the mandate given by them.

‘Hobbs and Shaw’ Sequel

A Fast and Furious spinoff ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ sequel is in the works. Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham’s film ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ was the first spinoff in the franchise; the film was a massive hit raking in huge amounts at the box office.

Dwayne Johnson revealed the news in a live Instagram Question and Answer session where he said: “We are developing the next (Hobbs & Shaw) film and I’m excited about it.”

The film stars Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Vanessa Kirby and Idris Elba in the lead roles. Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham repeated their roles from the Fast and Furious films while Idris Elba played the bad guy and Vanessa Kirby was seen as Jason Statham’s sister.

‘Hobbs and Shaw’ is the spinoff talking about WWE wrestlers moving into films, like John Cena in ‘Fast and furious 9’ as he will be playing the role of the villain in the film and Dom Toretto’s brother. The film’s trailer is full of action-packed sequences.

‘The French Dispatch’

Wes Anderson’s coming film ‘The French Dispatch’ has been delayed until October 2020. The film will now release on October 16 instead of July 24, due to the coronavirus pandemic. The film has Tilda Swinton, Frances McDormand, Jeffrey Wright, Adrien Brody, Benicio del Toro, Owen Wilson, Lea Seydoux and Timothee Chalamet.

The trailer tells us the story of a magazine with Bill Murray’s character as the editor. His team of writers go out in search of stories and what they find is sleek and appealing. The film has been described as a love letter to journalists, centring on three storylines. It brings to life a collection of tales published in the eponymous The French Dispatch, based in the fictional French city of Ennui-sur-Blasé.

The film is inspired by Anderson’s love of The New Yorker and some characters and events in the film are based on real-life equivalents from the magazine. One of the three storylines centres on the May ‘68 student occupation protests, inspired by Mavis Gallant’s two-part article ‘The Events in May: A Paris Notebook’. Another storyline, involving Adrien Brody’s character of Julien Cadazio, is based on ‘The Days of Duveen’, a six-part feature in The New Yorker on art dealer Lord Duveen.

Nurse Who Lost Life

A36-year-old nurse in England lost the battle against COVID-19 just moments after her husband whispered to her ‘don’t worry about the kids’.

Areema Nasreen, mother of three, was working in intensive care at Walsall Manor Hospital in the Midlands. She tested positive after she developed a soaring temperature, body aches and a cough. She had no underlying health conditions and had worked for Britain’s NHS for 16 years.

They Reunite

Getting rave reviews for ‘Kahin Deep Jalay’, ‘Muqaddar’, ‘Deewangi’, ‘Munafiq’ and more, 7th Sky Entertainment, under producers Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, is coming up with another signature project featuring everyone’s favourite real and reel life couple, Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor.

‘Mehar Posh’ is written by Misbah Nosheen who has previously written the ‘Ramz-e-Ishq’. The drama follows the story of Mehru and Shahjahan, two next-door neighbours who cross each other’s paths and face some unfortunate circumstances. The play has been directed by Mazhar Moin. Other members of the cast include Sania Saeed, Ali Abbas, Rehan Sheikh, Iffat Umer, Ismat Zaidi and Zainab Shabbir.

Digital Revolution

There is a surge in AI, IOT and AR in Pakistan, signalling the fourth industrial revolution. IGNITE has taken certain initiatives to enhance youth skills to meet the growing requirements of the digital industry. Another important aspect is digital skills, i.e. the ability to learn and work online with creativity, perseverance, and continued learning as these are fundamental to the world being shaped by the fourth industrial revolution.

An increasing number of tasks, previously performed by humans, are now being performed by AI and Robotics. Creativity, not yet attained by AI, is going to be of much greater value than the simple accumulation of knowledge. More and more jobs are going to be short term gigs in a fast-changing environment.

Zoya Nasir on YouTube

Zoya Nasir, who rose to mainstream notoriety after her performance in ‘Hania’ where she played the role of an abused wife, has now launched her own YouTube channel.

This next chapter in her many hustles furthers the fact that the actress is here to stay. Highly praised as a beautician and an actress, Zoya Nasir, has now joined the world of YouTube and would be sharing her craft with audiences. The actress made her debut on the video-sharing platform with a video on her ‘go-to makeup look.’ The actress also revealed her upcoming salon, which was another surprise for her fans.

The actress has proved her versatility and mettle as an actor and can also be seen on-air currently in 7th Sky Entertainment’s ‘Deewangi’ that is on Geo TV.

Singing ‘Sunno’

Yashma Gill has released a song ‘Sunno’ to raise awareness about the coronavirus pandemic.

The actress has decided to use her voice for the right reasons as she sings to warn people of the upcoming disaster. The song is accompanied by a laidback video recorded without any human interaction or any fancy gimmicks. The singer can be heard calling everyone to take necessary precautions like practising social distancing and staying at home.

The actress uses the platform to help people understand the severity of the situation and expresses her exasperation over the carefree attitude of the masses.

‘Zarrar’ Out

The trailer of the Pakistani film ‘Zarrar’ is out. Shan Shahid is playing an ISI agent.

There are some maulanas too. The film looks as if it’s full of action and thrills, featuring Kiran Malik, Nadeem Baig, Nayyar Ejaz, Shafqat Cheema, Shahnawaz Zaidi, Kadir Calpin, Cyrille Mansuy, Adnan Butt and David Laurence.

‘Zarrar’ is written and directed by Shaan Shahid. The film revolves around intense patriotic sentiments. The power-packed suspense thriller is expected to be at cinemas in 2020.