November 2023

Welcome to World War III

Human history is the most fallacious and fictitious account of truth, which is unilateral, partisan, and replete with commissions and omissions. With a full-scale yet sporadic war having been launched against the most vulnerable Muslim countries, the Western media, along with the world’s leading historians and annalists, have never used the term ‘World War III.’ However, the Muslim world has been in a state of war for the last few decades, which is now reaching its tipping point. Thanks to the belligerent Israel, coupled with its European and American allies and patrons, the time has come to acknowledge the onset of yet another global war germinating from the Israel-Palestine clash, pitting many countries against each other for years to come. Hence, welcome to World War III!

No Respite for Inflation

The recent decrease in petroleum prices is indeed good news for the inflation-hit people of Pakistan. However, despite the substantial cut, inflation is still on an upward trajectory, and almost all food items and edible commodities are out of reach for the poor masses, which is a point of worry. The inflation trend also tells many things about the government’s incapability to control food prices, as the mafias behind the inflation conundrum tend to be more powerful and influential than the most incompetent and dysfunctional government apparatus.

Simplicity or Extravagance?

Mahira Khan ties the knot yet again. However, she believes her wedding was held simply as nothing extravagant was planned for the most important occasion of her life. However, both her pre- and post-wedding photographs tell another story, as right from the most expensive bridal outfits to the exquisitely decorated arrangements made for the series of pre-wedding ceremonies, one can see nothing but extravagance and profligacy all over the place. Come on, Mahira! Simplicity is much more than inviting a few people to the occasion.