Space Mission

Lunar Renaissance

India’s successful Moon landing has showcased its technological prowess, inspiring neighbouring countries in the region to invest more in their space programmes.

By Sophiya Qadeer | October 2023

In a remarkable feat, India has once again captured the world’s attention by successfully becoming the fourth country to achieve landing on the Moon. This achievement not only demonstrates India’s ever-growing capabilities in space exploration but also has far-reaching effects on the region and the competition it has ignited among spacefaring nations.

India’s Lunar Success in 2023
Recently, India successfully landed its Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft on the Moon’s surface. This mission aimed to build upon the knowledge and experience gained from previous lunar missions, with a focus on scientific research, resource exploration, and potential future human missions to the Moon.

Regional Impacts
1. Technological Advancement: India’s successful Moon landing has showcased its technological prowess once again, inspiring neighbouring countries in the region to invest more in their space programmes. Nations like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka have begun considering expanding their space capabilities and exploration efforts.

2. Geopolitical Influence: India’s continued success in space exploration strengthens its position as a major player on the global stage. This has led to increased interest from countries within the region and beyond in forming strategic partnerships and collaborations in space-related initiatives. Initially, India’s impact was mostly due to its cuisine and film industry, also referred to as Bollywood. Now it has taken the world by surprise with its grand debut as one of the few countries to land on the Moon.

3. Economic Opportunities: The space sector offers a wealth of economic opportunities, including satellite services and launch capabilities. India’s sustained commitment to lunar exploration has the potential to boost the regional economy by creating jobs and fostering technological innovation.

Competition in the Region
1. China’s Lunar Ambitions: China, which has been at the forefront of lunar exploration, sees India’s achievements as a direct challenge due to China having viewed India as ‘below its league.’ This has intensified the competition between the two Asian giants, resulting in increased investments in space exploration and technology. Furthermore, this has also led to space now being dragged into the U.S vs. China feud.

2. Collaborative Initiatives: While competition is evident, India’s lunar success has also encouraged collaboration within the region. Nations such as Japan, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates have expressed great interest in joining forces with India for lunar missions, fostering a sense of cooperation in space exploration.

3. Scientific Advancements: India’s lunar mission has rejuvenated scientific research and educational institutions within the country. This surge in interest and investment in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education will lead to a more skilled workforce capable of contributing to space research and technology development.

4. A Game Changer for Pakistan: Certainly, India’s sudden yet impactful success has brought upon more competitive pressure for Pakistan. There was a range of mixed reactions from many Pakistanis once the news broke out, many were sceptical about it whereas others expressed their admiration and extended congratulations to India but overall, the most prominent emotion was disappointment in Pakistan’s own space agency. With there already being a strained relationship between the two countries, it is almost certain that this development will only fuel the rivalry and bring forth more efforts in exerting oneself over the other. There is no doubt that Pakistan will now be vying to achieve similar success.

India’s triumphant Moon landing in 2023 has had significant impacts on both the region and the global space community, in fact it is being referred to as the ‘Lunar Renaissance.’ It has inspired technological progress, increased India’s geopolitical influence, and ignited competition among spacefaring nations. While rivalry exists, the potential for collaboration and the economic benefits makes India’s lunar endeavours a monumental achievement for the entire region.

As India continues to push the boundaries of space exploration, the world eagerly anticipates the scientific discoveries and international partnerships that will emerge from its lunar missions in the years to come. Not only that, many countries have begun to develop their space agencies in hopes of advancing. We can expect many changes in the lives of people all over the globe for this feat has changed the dynamics in ways the world did not expect.