My Life, My Truth, and My Journey

Straight From the Heart

By Muhammad Omar Iftikhar | August 2023

Khawar Masood Butt has candidly explored the behind-the-curtain corporate insights and his life-long experiences in his autobiography, “My Life, My Truth and My Journey.”

However, this book is not just an autobiography; it is a kaleidoscope offering a glimpse into the various perspectives the author experienced and pursued, presenting insights and ideas that will serve as key points to be followed by fresh graduates and professionals. His words and conviction are honest in his narrative. The book is a collection of reflections that everyone must read.

In this autobiography, the author takes readers on a compelling narrative that spans his childhood, entrepreneurial endeavors, and company growth. He delves deep into the challenges he faced, both personal and professional, and how he overcame them with determination and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

One of the most commendable aspects of this autobiography spanning sixteen chapters divided into two parts, is the author’s genuine storytelling. His writing style is engaging and authentic, with his words coming straight from the heart. His narrative is filled with personal experiences that provide a sense of intimacy and allow readers to relate to the emotions and struggles he encountered during his career.

He had a decent run and association with Pakistan cricket. In 1954, he was selected from GCL to represent Pakistan Eaglets Cricket Team that was touring England. He also developed an interest in the game of Bridge while studying at the Law College Lahore. He also recalled his passion for music, as he inherited the love for music from his maternal side when Ustad Barey Ghulam Ali and other greats were invited to perform during mehfils at their residence in Kasur. The author developed a unique bond with Karim Khan, who taught him to play the sitar. In his college days, he was acquainted with influential people from politics and arts, namely, Mian Ameer Ali, the President of the Punjab Muslim League, and his young brother Mian Aminuddin, the Governor of Punjab.

Khawar enjoyed his life the way he became one with his profession. He followed a certain discipline to juggle his personal and professional life successfully. In July 1962, he landed a job as a Repertoire Manager at EMI Pakistan. In 1966, he joined Adamjee Sugar Mills, Darya Khan, Mianwali as General Manager. However, he returned to Karachi to work at the head office located in Adamjee House. In 1969, Khawar was appointed as General Manager of EBM. The company was established in 1965 as Peek Freans Pakistan Ltd. It was a joint venture between Associated Biscuits International UK Ltd. and House of Manjis, an Asian-origin family settled in Kenya. The Manjis could not run the company’s affairs and sold it to ARAG Group. Khawar’s foresight brought about key changes at EBM’s operational and strategic levels.

The book has special relevance for young people, as the students pursuing BBA and MBA degrees will find the content useful to add value to their classroom lectures.