Who Said That!

June 2023

“We will create an example out of the miscreants who vandalised and attacked state institutions so that such an incident never takes place in Pakistan again.”
Shehbaz Sharif,
Pakistan’s Prime Minister

“India wants normal and neighbourly relations with Pakistan.”
Narendra Modi,
Prime Minister of India

“Bangladesh will always be grateful to India for its role in liberation war.”
Sheikh Hasina Wajid,
Bangladesh Prime Minister

“We had all heard about forced marriages in Pakistan, but for PTI, a new phenomenon has emerged: forced divorces.”
Imran Khan,
Pakistan’s former Prime Minister

“We’re not looking to decouple from China. We’re looking to de-risk and diversify our relationship with China.”
Joe Biden,
U.S. President

“I’ll say what I want, and if the consequence of that is losing money, so be it.”
Elon Musk,
American entrepreneur

“We’ve been sold the whole ‘be patient, let it go’ narrative for way too long but if someone has said or done something to hurt you or your reputation stand up for yourself.”
Anoushey Ashraf,
Pakistani VJ and actress