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Getting Away with Murder

Despite several warnings and India’s ever so faster slide into Hindutva-inspired genocide, a criminally complicit West callously chooses to remain India’s partner.

By Mir Adnan Aziz | May 2023

Ashok Chakra adorns the India’s national flag. It is also the state emblem and India’s highest peacetime non-military award. The symbol’s 24 spokes symbolize principles like tolerance, love and righteousness. It manifests Ashoka’s transformation from war and violence to peace and inclusion. India prides itself as the birthplace of Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism; four religions whose core belief is ahimsa - non-violence.

Fallaciously publicized as a tolerant democracy, India has morphed into Modi’s dystopia riven with atrocities and gross human right violations. Occupied Kashmir remains the largest internment camp on this planet whereas India’s minorities face state-sponsored pogroms. Despite irrefutable evidence, the West continues to pander to India for trade benefits and to prop it up as a counter to China’s influence. This criminal culpability prevails despite Chairman Genocide Watch Dr Gregory Stanton’s warning that India ticks all the boxes of a Muslim genocide.

It was NATO’s provocative endeavour of extending NATO right up to Russia’s doorstep that shoved Ukraine into a devastating war. Now India, along with the US, Australia and Japan have formed the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) to form a bulwark against China’s influence. The inherent danger in this adventurism remains the Quad’s major focus on a NATO style military alliance. In recent months, the Quad’s military forces have conducted joint military exercises with their government’s inking several security agreements.

The Quad is also carrying out provocative forays in the South and East China Seas. This is evident from The Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier trespassing into Chinese territorial waters near the Nansha Islands in July last year. Similarly, the USS Benfold, a guided missile destroyer, entered Chinese territorial waters off the Xisha Islands and had to be warned off by Chinese forces.

Experts and analysts within the Quad countries have strongly criticized these extreme provocations and warn of ramifications that could thrust Asia into a devastating war. Sudheendra Kulkarni, former Chairman of the Mumbai-based think-tank Observer Research Foundation, asserts that “The Quad’s hidden agenda is to create an Asian NATO which is dangerous for Asia and the world”.

Despite these warnings and India’s ever so faster slide into Hindutva-inspired genocide, a criminally complicit West callously chooses to remain India’s partner. This, in turn, is taken as a carte blanche by India. An emboldened Modi now wants India to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council. Addressing the 75th UNGA session, this misplaced sense of entitlement was evident as he demanded: “How long will India, with its unique contribution to the UN, be kept out of its decision making structures?”

Just in the mid of April, viewers around the world were horrified to see the brutal murder of two brothers Atiq and Ashraf Ahmed on live TV while in police custody. The murderers can then be seen shouting Hindu slogans after the gory incident. Soon after the murders a UP minister tweeted “paap aur punya ka hisaab isi janam mein hota hai” (sin and virtue are accounted for in this lifetime) while another called it “a cosmic decision.” Just three days before Atiq’s murder, Asad, his 19 year old son and his aides were also murdered in an alleged shootout with the police.

BJP’s modus operandi has been to rule by fear. In UP this has become a norm since Yogi Adityanath, a rabid Hindutva proponent, took over as Chief Minister. There has been an alarming escalation of such incidents where police and vigilantes mete out death and destruction of property on people based on religion and caste. Another extremely provocative statement earlier this month epitomized this extremist mentality. Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati, a prominent Hindutva priest, called on Hindus around the world to unite and conquer Makkah describing the holy Kaaba as a converted Hindu temple. The Modi fostered madness of hate and bigotry knows no bounds.

Prominent media channels and newspapers have detailed Modi’s gruesome excesses. The BBC recently tried to air India: The Modi Question, a documentary about Modi’s direct role in the 2002 Gujarat massacre. The Indian government blocked it followed by a spate of raids on BBC’s offices in India. “Getting Away with Murder”, a report by journalists Geeta Seshu and Urvashi Sarkar, tabulates 198 attacks on journalists in the last five years. Some 40 journalists including Modi critics Gauri Lankesh editor of Lankesh Patrike and Shujaat Bukhari editor Rising Kashmir were murdered. Recently, Modi’s multi-billion dollar crony Gautam Adani took over NDTV, the Modi critic news broadcaster. The hostile move saw NDTV founders Prannoy and Radhika Roy leave the management board and its president Suparna Singh resign along with other senior members.

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