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January 2023

PAS Holds Annual General Meeting

Pakistan Advertisers Society held its 25th Annual General Meeting followed by a dinner hosted by Dr. Zeelaf Munir, Chairperson of PAS, and CEO and MD, English Biscuit Manufacturers (EBM).

Dr. Muneer initiated the proceedings by thanking all the members, especially the executive council for playing a pivotal role in the success of PAS. Elaborating the PAS’s vision, she emphasised the need to focus on the quality and content of the work and stressed the importance of increasing value proposition that will benefit the members and will also contribute towards the growth of the industry. In her address, she also welcomed Foodpanda and Sheild Corporation for joining the Society.

Mr. Qamar Abbas, Executive Director, PAS, briefed the members about the key initiatives taken in 2022 and also shed light on the vision and plan for the year 2023. This was followed by the overview of Effie Awards Pakistan by Afsheen Rizavi, General Manager, PAS.

On the occasion, the members deliberated issues about content regulation, media measurement, policy on making marketing claims, etc.

The AGM was followed by PAS Chairperson’s dinner that was attended by distinguished marketers, agency executives, people from media, and academia.

A Land with No Joy

Bringing immense joy to the land of the pure, the film Joyland has become Pakistan’s first-ever film to be shortlisted for the Oscars in its International Feature Film category.

Now en route to the nomination process, Joyland was among 15 films shortlisted in the category. Earlier in 2022, Joyland, produced by Saim Sadiq, became the first Pakistani film to make it to the Cannes Film Festival, also known as the International Film Festival, where the film won awards and received a burst of applause from the global film fraternity.

Among the other films shortlisted for the Oscars’ International Feature Film category are: ‘Last Film Show’ (India), ‘The Blue Caftan’ (Morocco), ‘Bardo, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths’ (Mexico), ‘Argentina, 1985’ (Argentina), ‘The Quiet Girl’ (Ireland), ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ (Germany), ‘Corsage’ (Austria), ‘Cairo Conspiracy’ (Sweden), ‘EO; South Korea’s Decision to Leave’ (Poland), ‘Close, Cambodia’s Return to Seoul’ (Belgium), ‘Holy Spider (Denmark), and ‘Saint Omer’ (France).

In the past, Pakistan’s first Nobel laureate, Dr Abdus Salam was globally recognised for his work in physics, but despite his stellar contributions he is entirely absent from Pakistan’s history books. Such an attitude that too at the national level is alarming and speaks volumes about the hidebound mindset that typifies Pakistani society as a whole. Though the film Joyland aims to explore the relationship dynamics between a man and a transgender woman, the subject does not lead to anything offensive or immoral, and the story does well to portray the plight of the transgender community, which is normally denounced and vilified in public discourse. At this crucial juncture, the need is to address the deep-seated fault-lines that give rise to an unnecessary reaction against a piece of art, which should be supported and avidly acknowledged in place of being censored or banned altogether.

The Book ‘Gambit on the Devil’s Chessboard’ Launched

The launching ceremony of the book ‘Gambit on the Devil’s Chessboard’ by Imran H. Khan was recently held in Karachi. Senator Mian Raza Rabbani was the chief guest on the occasion, while many notable personalities spoke to the event, including Senator (R) Javed Jabbar, Ameena Saiyid, Muhammad Ali Siddiqi, Professor Huma Baqai and Professor Kaleem Raza Khan.

The event was organised and hosted by CMC - the perception management company.

In his speech, Senator Raza Rabbani highlighted how Pakistan’s most prominent novelists in the past decade have one thing in common, and that is they’re all out of Pakistan. He shed light on how we no longer have the coffee culture that induced and instigated new ideas. Speaking on the occasion, Senator (R) Javed Jabbar said, “One of the reasons why I found the book riveting was how it is so fast-paced, yet it is very clear and precise with the flip of every page.”

A notable name in the genre of storytelling, Imran H. Khan shed light on his journey of writing a riveting fictional novel and said that he wanted to highlight the drastic imbalance of power and wealth, which is something we need to be worried about. A professor at the School of Medicine, University of California, Imran Khan earned his Ph.D. at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York. Researching tuberculosis has taken him worldwide, leading to trials of novel TB diagnostics in endemic countries like India, and revealing the threat of poverty to the planet. Imran Khan continued in his journey of education, he armed himself with international strategic management skills with an MBA from California State University, Sacramento. Fueled by a great passion, he established his own state of the art biotechnology company.

Pakistan Advertising Association Appoints Executive Director

Veteran advertising professional Jamil Syed has taken the driver’s seat at the Pakistan Advertising Association (PAA). He will be operating as the Executive Director of this representative body. Syed brings with him an experience of over two decades of serving major advertising agencies. He has also had the privilege of leading Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS), and Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) in their formative years.

Syed had also played an inning with A.C. Nielsen Pakistan as their Head of Media Research. The multidimensional connect with the industry makes him fluent to comprehend the perspective of various stakeholders in media business, and lend him an acumen of need assessment and problem solving.

Welcoming this inclusion, Chairman, PAA, Syed Jawaid Iqbal said that taking Syed in the folds will enhance the face of the Association, and will naturally add value to its corporate relevance.

Book on Taxation Launched

Book on Taxation Launched
(L to R) The Author, Tayyaba Ahad, Javed Jabbar, Dr Ishrat Hussain and Ms Shahbano.

Shamim Ahmad’s third book “The Equitable Tax” with the subtitle “Paying income Tax is in the interest of all of us” was recently launched in Karachi. The speakers on the occasion were Dr Ishrat Hussain, former Governor State Bank of Pakistan, Senator (R) Javed Jabbar, Shahbano Alvi, the publisher.

Shamim Ahmad, the author of the book who retired as Chairman FBR, elaborated his reason for writing a book on his former profession, because he was appalled by the dismal situation of tax collection in Pakistan. In his address, he suggested the ways with which the tax collection could be enhanced.

In her address, Shahbano Alvi, who is the book’s publisher, lamented the poor economic condition being run on borrowings and aid. Speaking on the occasion, Senator (R) Javed Jabber referred to the repercussions of inequality arising out of the abyss existing between the haves and the have-nots warned that if this situation is allowed to continue, it could lend to a bloody Red Revolution. In his address, Dr Ishrat Hussain, former Governor State Bank of Pakistan, emphasized the need of expanding the tax base, and deplored the present state of tax collection in Pakistan.

Netflix Documentary on Harry,
Meghan Backfires

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been warned against making one of the ‘most glaring’ mistakes of their careers, says Arthur Edwards, the royal photographer.

Pointing out a ‘glaring’ mistake made by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Arthur Edwards, who is the royal photographer, said in his interview with The Sun. He said, “Glaring in their absence were Harry and Meghan. Their continuing criticism of the institution in their Netflix documentary titled ‘Harry & Meghan’ has backfired. They are missing out on way more than they’re gaining.

‘Wednesday’ Star
Shines on Instagram

The success of Jenna Ortega is mind-boggling! The popularity of the 20-year-old actress continues to be on the rise, amid record-breaking numbers on her new Netflix series ‘Wednesday.’ Following the success of the show, fans want to know more about Jenna, including her projects in the film industry, and aspects of her personal life. The Hollywood star has gained 10 million Instagram followers in just days after the release of the series. Her mainstream success has happened overnight due to her portrayal of the iconic character, and the new Wednesday Addams Dance TikTok Challenge, which has gone viral after her dance scene on the show. Jenna had 9.39 million followers on the first day ‘Wednesday’ premiere on the streaming platform, and she currently has 24.3 million followers, earning more than 1 million followers in just 24 hours.

Nestlé, WWF Partners on
Sustainability Training
Session for Kids

As part of its vision of a waste-free future, Nestlé Pakistan is helping the younger generation know a more sustainable approach to packaging by managing waste. The move, taken in partnership with WWF-Pakistan, aims to ensure that none of its packaging, including plastics, ends up in landfill or as litter, including in oceans, lakes or rivers. Held under Nestlé’s flagship programme Nestlé for Healthier Kids (N4HK), the awareness sessions were launched at Silver Oaks, while similar sessions will also be held at other partner schools.

Sheikh Waqar Ahmad, Head of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Nestlé Pakistan, said, “We have put together a variety of activities that will get kids engaged and excited about responsible waste management and encourage them to share what they have learned with their families. We know these kids will be an important part of helping the next generation take a more responsible approach to waste.”

Nestlé Pakistan is pursuing its commitment for fully recyclable packaging and will have more than 95% of its packaging designed for recycling systems by 2025, with the aim of getting to 100%. Launched in 2010, the N4HK initiative is part of Nestlé’s commitment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3 of Good Health and Well-Being.

Lady Gaga, the Mother Monster!

Lady Gaga shared a video of herself re-creating Jenna Ortega’s creepy dance moves. While attending a dance with her classmates, Ortega, who plays Wednesday Addams in the series, is seen throwing her arms in the air and doing a lot of unconventional dance moves that take her date, Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan) by surprise. When Netflix re-shared Lady Gaga’s viral dance clip, they captioned it, “Mother Monster has arrived at Nevermore,” referring to the school that Wednesday attends in the show. The original dance, which has since gone viral with more than 12 million views on Netflix’s YouTube account, was Ortega’s own creation. She shared that she choreographed the whole routine herself.

Open House brings students’ performances to the fore

TThe National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) organised an open house event, which brought forth a string of performances by its students and alumni in Karachi.

The event featured live music, dramatic readings, a play and dance performances. Some of the notable performers included Ustad Salamat Hussain, who is a celebrated music maestro and senior faculty at NAPA. He performed some of his most famous pieces on the flute.

Another anticipated performance was that of Ahsan Bari, a NAPA alumnus who is the music director of Sounds of Kolachi. The Fusion Girl Band covered the popular song, Bella Ciao using various instruments like the cello and guitar. The live music performances were followed by a Sufi dance performance. The First Year Theatre Arts students presented a satirical play titled, “Shohron Ka Madrisa”.

Attended by scores of people, the event was also attended by Chairman NAPA Board of Directors, Syed Jawaid Iqbal and other board members, including Senator (R) Javed Jabbar, Tariq Kirmani, Anwar Rammal, Shahrukh Hassan and Fawzia.