September 2022


The eldest son of Jordan’s Queen Rania, Crown Prince Hussein was engaged to Rajwa Khaled bin Musaed bin Saif bin Abdulaziz Al Saif. Said the Crown Prince "Alhamdullillah. We pray that God grants us His blessings. Grateful to my dear Jordanian family for their heartfelt support and kind wishes"

Chinese Sings Punjab

Chinese artist, Vicky, a music teacher at the Pakistan Embassy College in Beijing sang Hadiqa Kiani’s Buhe Bariyan on Pakistan’s Independence Day. Vicky donned a Pakistani dress and her singing style and accent was amazingly near-perfect as she effortlessly pulled off the typical Punjabi song.

Another Record!

Pakistani umpire couple Naeem Ashraf and Jasmine Naeem are set to become the first couple to umpire in professional cricket in England. They recently celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary. Jasmine was one of five umpires in the recently concluded women’s Tests in South Africa and England. She also became the first Muslim woman to officiate at Lord’s in 2021.

Dam is Better

When Nooh Dastgir won the weightlifting gold for Pakistan at the recent Commonwealth Games, with a record-breaking 405 kgs, the nation went wild about his triumph. Varous ways were thought of honouring the weightifter. In fact, they even thought of namng a highway, a bridge or even a dam after him.

Not Delicious

Sana Murad of Ankahi and Zara of Tanhaiyan – does not watch TV serials aymore. Shahnaz Shaikh was a household name in her heydays, back in the 80s.But the current TV soaps do not interest her anymore because they have too many episodes for her taste and the acting and story standards too have deteriorated.