August 2021

Another Innings?

A strategic planning, marketing and human resource development professional for many years, Andaleeb Abbas is a diehard PTI girl. She appears in TV shows and defends her party vociferously. Married to a former cricketer and the mother of Zainab Abbas, a cricket commentator, she is devoted to Imran Khan, again a former cricketer. Is she batting for another PTI innings in power?

Good Catch

Much has been made of singer Asim Azhar’s betrothal plans and there is continuous talk of who the lucky lady will be. Some time back, there was even gossip of his relationship with Hania Amir but that turned out to be false. Then there were rumours about Asim getting engaged to Merub Ali and that was again a wrong number. So, if there are still girls around fishing for a good catch, Asim Azhar is a fat fish.

Becoming Famous

Before Ayeza Khan appeared in Meray Pas Tum Ho, no one knew her. Then she became famous overnight – or almost. Now everyone wants her in their serials and her advertisement appearances never cease. Her husband Danish Taimoor, a well-known actor in his own right, basks in her glory too and they come across a very lovey-dovey couple. It also turns out that Ayeza was always a Sridevi fan.

Being Him

One of the inspirations that brought actor Dharmendra to films was Dilip Kumar. It was always his ambition to look like Dilip Kumar and act like him. Over time, they hit it out as great friends though Dharmendra was much younger than Dilip. Dharmendra also never adopted the kind of intense acting that Dilip Kumar was known for but his love for Dilip Kumar was more than evident when he broke down at the late actor’s funeral.