Well Played,
Waqar Hassan!

By Faizan Usmani | March 2020

It was Friday, September 28, 2018, about 10 a.m., when I and my colleague entered a very large but simple office painted off-white with a hint of beige. Sitting in a classic, tall, high backed wooden chair, the octogenarian gentleman, who was as simple as his ambience, welcomed us with a beaming smile and with a loud ‘Good Morning.’ That warm salutation by Waqar Hassan, Pakistan’s former Test cricketer and the pioneer of National Foods, aptly set the mood for the one-on-one interview with Slogan Magazine for its forthcoming October 2018 issue.

Time goes by very quickly as now, in February 2020, after almost one year and five months since our one and only meeting with him, we are writing about the same person but this time to pay tribute to the late Waqar Hassan.

In a first-class career that spanned about 18 years, Waqar Hassan, a middle-order right-handed batsman, played for the Pakistan cricket team from 1952 to 1959. A key member of Pakistan’s inaugural Test team, Hassan proved himself a consistent performer during his 8-year international Test career, touring and playing against all the leading cricket-playing countries of the period - Australia, England, India and the West Indies.

In his own words, Waqar Hassan deemed himself very lucky as he belonged to a cricket side which had such great names as Abdul Hafeez Kardar, Fazal Mahmood, Imtiaz Ahmad, Khan Muhammad, Hanif Muhammad, Aleem Uddin and many others. Despite the fact that that was the beginning of Pakistan cricket, according to Waqar Hassan, the period can be referred to as the golden period in the country’s sports history. The players were very passionate about keeping the country’s flag flying high through their utmost dedication and hard work and they are still known for living up to the spirit of the gentlemen’s game, staying away from any kind of commercialism or other evils.

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